Survey Reinforces Need for Wellness-Focused Vacations

An overwhelming 98% of US adults now prioritize wellness activities while on vacation. This year, Americans are desperate for a vacation and are feeling the effects. According to a recent Hilton survey of U.S. travelers, more than three in four (76%) respondents experience negative feelings when they go too long without a vacation, with burnout (41%) and boredom (36%) being among the top emotions, followed by irritability (30%), and depression (29%).

Beyond spotlighting the undesirable impacts of missing vacation, the survey also revealed the reason for the demand. While respondents report needing a break, more than half (51%) of Americans feel guilty for taking that time off, even as 41% report that relaxation begins as soon as they turn on their “out of office” email response. The survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, uncovered four key themes: 

1. Pets will be this summer’s favored travel companions
The study shows that there is a new, important traveler to consider post-pandemic: the family pet. More than half of survey respondents who are pet owners (55%) are planning to travel with their pets this summer. In fact, 58% would prefer to travel with their pet rather than a friend or family member.  We are pet friendly at Musa Sirena!  We allow with prior authorization, small and medium size dogs (up to 40 pounds), that do not produce sounds that disturb the order of the neighbors and that are not aggressive. How could you leave this face at home?

2. Holistic wellness will be at the forefront of travelers’ minds
An overwhelming 98% of survey respondents acknowledged they prioritize wellness activities while on vacation. Today, travelers are focusing on their overall well-being and will be looking for experiences that focus on connecting the mind, body and spirit – and wellness priorities vary from traveler to traveler.  Musa Sirena is a wellness-focused home rental. We have our own yoga/meditation studio in the home, and our Concierge will work with guests to put together custom wellness packages – from breathwork, to pool exercises; from a cenote excursion, to a healthy cooking class.  

3. Combating burnout, Americans are rethinking their 9-to-5
While they may be focusing more on wellness, American workers are still not taking time to unplug and recharge from work. More than a quarter (28%) of employed Americans disclosed that, since 2019, they have failed to use all their paid vacation days, with 51% of those respondents admitting it’s because they feel guilty about taking time off. 

With the shift from work-life balance to “work from anywhere,” many have goals to integrate fun into their workday. With workers taking advantage of flexible office time or shortened summer Fridays, 40% of respondents will consider their summer a success if they spend a workday in a beach chair instead of an office chair.

At Musa Sirena, if you do need to do some work, you’ll find free WiFi, and many places in the home where you can “set up shop” – a workplace to have during your stay. We also allow extended stays, so being able to stay connected and having a place to work could be especially important for some.

4. The refreshed definition of “Relaxation” is simply “Resorting”
This summer, people are looking to relax and reconnect with loved ones but want to avoid the hassle of complicated travel planning. More than one third (37%) of respondents feel mentally refreshed on vacation when they don’t have to worry about leaving where they are staying.  At Musa Sirena, we have an on-premise pool, it’s a 5-minute walk to the quiet Playacar Beach, and there are numerous restaurants and stores in Playacar itself. For those interested, there’s even a championship golf course in Playacar. 

With this research in mind, we couldn’t help but notice how it reinforces the quote we share on our home page, it says it all:

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