A few restaurants/food establishments/bars are listed below for your consideration. We will be building upon this list and will start to do reviews down the road, but these are a few suggestions where either Kathy and Jim have been to, or some of their local friends, as well as a few guests of Musa Sirena!

Another thing to do is to join a Playa del Carmen Facebook group like Playa del Carmen Vacation Lovers. For those that love Playa del Carmen from newbies to residents, the group is a great place to find out where to go, where to shop, what to do, how to get around, and where to eat and drink. Just pose a question about what you’re hungry for or the kind of vibe you are looking for, and you’ll get plenty of tips.

Tip from Kathy:
When in the hustle and bustle of 5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen, walk down the prettiest street with nice restaurants on this very pretty tree lined walk. This little beverage to the right can be found in a restaurant and bar of the same name, Vagabundo. It is a popular ex-pat place with live music most of the time.