Wellness Tourism is the Way to Go

As they say, “timing is everything.”  While we have been interested in Wellness Tourism for several years, and while it has been growing rapidly, it is exciting to read per various resources that “2022 looks to be the year of wellness travel.” 

Growth has been driven by a growing consumer desire to adopt a wellness lifestyle, rising interest in experiential travel, and increasing affordability of flights and travel options. In addition, people want to regroup health-wise due to the last two years of Covid-19 challenges.

Per our interest in travel and as an extension of our Midwest Mermaid Muse brand and focus on health and wellness, my husband and I purchased this vacation rental home in Playacar that we have named Musa Sirena. We have been remodeling it as a retreat featuring a variety of health and wellness amenities and resources.   

Musa Sirena is available for either short-term or long-term rental. Come be our guest to take advantage of healthful activities to support your physical and mental well-being. In the interim, sign-up for our Musa Sirena email list for future updates and specials.

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