Boost Employee Retention and Wellness with Travel Benefits

One key employee benefit that is growing rapidly is offering remote working, sabbaticals and retreats (with employers funding the trip). This benefit helps to retain employees as well as puts a focus on wellness. For instance, recently reported that to encourage employees to have a solid work-life balance, “employers are beginning to add travel expenditures to benefits packages, to compete with the hot job market while attracting and retaining employees who want to prioritize their well-being.”

So it’s not surprising that several of Musa Sirena’s first guests were employees who were given a trip to Playa del Carmen and a stay at Musa Sirena by their employer. With our focus on wellness, these employees were able to come to a tropical paradise for rest and relaxation, and where they participated in yoga classes and a variety of other wellness sessions provided by our practitioner partners.

Our latest example of guests who stayed at Musa Sirena were a group of four hard-working and talented female Pilates instructors (featured in the pictorial above). Because of their employer’s generosity, they were able to schedule several of our wellness sessions (the Wellness Welcome Ceremony, Yoga, Breathwork and more) while taking in the local culture or passing the afternoon at the beach, a cenote or a dip in the pool. points out that “travel is one of the benefits that is a differentiator right now. It makes employers stand out in a sea of different job offers.” Travel benefits certainly show employees that their employers care, and they come back with a renewed outlook, decreased stress levels, feeling better than before, having increased energy and more.

If you’re an employer looking to expand your benefits program for both retention and staff wellness purposes, Musa Sirena is the perfect solution because of its location, size, amenities and focus on wellness activities that can be customized to the group. If you’d like more information on how to customize wellness retreats for your staffers, send us a note to

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