Wellness Retreats

Wellness Sign

We live in an increasingly stressful world and many people are looking for something more than just a change of scenery when they take a vacation. We have designed Musa Sirena as a tranquil vacation retreat combining wellness with indigenous cultural experiences. Our retreats include access to a variety of life-enhancing workshops and activities, both ancient and modern, that reduce stress, revive the senses, strengthen the overall well-being and to have fun. 

Because Musa Sirena can sleep up to 8 individuals, we offer a menu of restorative activities allowing you to design a custom retreat that most resonates with you, your spouse or partner, your family, and/or your friends.

Currently we have several wellness programs to choose from based upon your group, all of which can be customized to your specific goals and interests. Item listed are suggested activities and subject to availability and participation level.

Retreats average $3,200 depending on scope of activities and number of participants, includes 7-night minimum stay, transport to/from Cancun airport, and Day 1 breakfast.

Family Fit & Fun

Pack up the kids, teens, grandkids, grandparents and book a travel retreat to remember. Activities can be customized for your family based on age and interest. 

  • Sleeps any combination of adult/teens/children up to 8 total
  • Healthy Kid Snacks (including fresh fruit)
  • Wellness Welcome Ceremony
  • Family Yoga
  • Visit to Cenote
  • Aviary/nature walk
  • Mayan Cacao Ceremony
  • Family Art/Crafts Session
  • Organized pool games
  • Board games available
  • Concierge services to arrange any desired activities (e.g., beach picnic, visit to Tulum, etc.)
Girlfriends Want to Be Well

Grab your swimsuits and flip flops, leave the hubby and kids at home, and get ready for some R&R time for yourself and your besties!

  • Sleeps up to 8 total adults
  • Healthy Snacks (including fresh fruit)
  • Wellness Welcome Ceremony
  • Yoga Session(s)
  • Visit to Cenote
  • Cooking Class
  • Chakra balancing treatments
  • Mayan Cacao Ceremony
  • Self-Facial & Make-Up Class
  • Water Aerobics
  • 1 In-Home Happy Hour
  • Discounted Spa Coupons
  • Concierge services to arrange any desired activities (e.g., beach picnic, visit to Tulum, etc.)
Wedding Oasis

Scheduling a destination wedding? Musa Sirena is the perfect place for the wedding party to stay – bride/groom, attendants and parents or close friends. Or it’s the perfect honeymoon pad to restore and relax on your new journey together. Let us get together and discuss how we can put together a week-long retreat for your whole group – or just a series of special wellness sessions designed for the bride and groom.

We have a variety of other retreat packages which include customized wellness services and other activities (e.g, for retired couples or for business teams). Just let us know how we can customize your retreat in beautiful Playa del Carmen.