Things to Know

  1. Electricity Usage
    Electricity is extremely expensive in Mexico, and The Mexican Power Company (CFE) produces power by burning diesel, so the power itself is expensive already. CFE assigns a certain limit of electricity depending on the average household. If a household goes above that limit, they are charged more, and suddenly the amounts can be quite high. As a result, homeowners watch usage closely, not only because of the cost, but watching consumption for environmental reasons as well.

    Since we can’t control the use of electricity while you are our guest, it is customary for home rentals such as Musa Sirena, for the guest to be charged the amount utilized during the stay.  Therefore, it would be of benefit to you that you turn off the lights and the AC when not at the home, even when you leave for a couple of hours. It will stay relatively cool in the home and will cool off quickly when you return.

    A picture of the meter will be taken upon your arrival as well as departure to determine usage during your stay. You will be charged 5.5 pesos (approximately 27 U.S. cents) per 1 kw.  Using the following as an example,  the meter upon check-in was 13,947 kws, and upon check-out was 14,205 kws. That’s a total of 258 kws, reflecting 1419 pesos or approximately $70 USD.  This amount will be subtracted from the security deposit per the rental agreement/terms. 

2. 800 # Usage
If you are calling from your mobile phone while in Mexico to a toll free number in the U.S., you’ll need to switch the first three digits as follows:

United StatesMexico

3. Protecting You & The Environment
Read how Musa Sirena is protecting your health as well as how we protect the environment.

4. We Feature Complimentary Yukatan Herbal Products
Musa Sirena is pleased to offer complimentary toiletries from this local company in the area, an example of how we support the local Yukatan community. People’s concern for the care of the environment and the health of their skin and hair is becoming more and more evident. Through naturally grown or harvested products such as Aloe Vera and Honey respectively, Yukatan Herbal products contribute to promoting a healthy lifestyle, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and its waters. Their beauty products feature organic Mayan bee honey. Mayan certified organic honey is the key to maintaining moisturized, protected and silky hair and skin, thanks to its multivitamins, antioxidants, minerals and its properties. Enjoy!

5. Handling Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
If you are cooking in the home, here’s a good reminder about washing fruit and vegetables.

6. Driving in Cancun or the Riviera Maya
Here’s a great resource and information for people who rent cars, especially for a month and are more likely to be more susceptible to corrupt cops who pull over tourists to get their quota in of fees. Check out this video and download the PDF here that he mentions in the video to keep on hand: