Protecting Your Health, While Protecting the Environment

At Musa Sirena, it wouldn’t be a Wellness Retreat without us paying attention to the safety of your health as well as activity/resources within the house and how they impact the Playa del Carmen community. We have taken a variety of measures to do this:

  1.  Use of a top-of-the-line walter-filtration system which softens the water while removing chemicals and particles. It is capable of inactivating pesticides, contaminants, fungus, viruses, and other organic materials, and oxidizes trace metals in the water, such as iron, manganese, and sulfur, making them easier to be filtered out, resulting in fresh clean water for your showers, washing dishes, washing your clothes and more. The water softener is helpful for the skin and saves the plumbing. The water in Playa del Carmen is very high in minerals which causes shower heads to clog, rust and create a filmy residue on the skin as well as making hair dry.
  2. While you can feel absolutely confident brushing your teeth and showering in our home in Playacar, culturally speaking, you would never see a Mexican resident drinking water from the tap. All Mexican households buy purified water for drinking and cooking, stored in huge 5-gallon jugs called “garrafones” that sit in metal stands in the kitchen. These are available for your drinking water and for cooking purposes.
  3. We use eco-friendly cleaning products throughout the home. The house has a washer and dryer for your convenience with complimentary eco-friendly detergent and fabric softener to wash any clothes while you are staying at Musa Sirena.
  4. All of the beds also include a special mattress 3″ foam topper underneath the sheets that is cleaned and changed in between guests.
  5. You’ll see some signs in the Musa Sirena bathrooms about not flushing the toilet tissue, but rather putting the paper in the trash can near the toilet. Basically, most of Mexico still remains a ‘no flush zone’ for toilet paper. Mexican sewer plumbing standards are NOT the same as the U.S. or Canada. Therefore, please be courteous of local customs and habits so that you do not overwhelm the system. Throwing toilet paper in the trash is also better for the environment as when it is flushed, there’s a higher risk of the paper ending up in the ocean compromising our sea life. 
  6. And as explained elsewhere, please conserve energy by turning off the air conditioning and lights when you are not in the house. Keep your eye on the meter, and watch your usage, then you won’t have a big dollar surprise upon check-out.