Grocery & Liquor Store Shopping

If you are staying at Musa Sirena, you can of course fix meals at home in addition to eating out when you wish, especially if you have a larger group and are staying for a week or longer. While we provide some basic pantry items (salt, pepper, etc.), you’ll want to make one of your first stops at the grocery store. Where to go? Most people go to WalMart or Mega, both of which are on 30th Avenue. There are some other smaller markets but in general, these are where tourists and people that live here shop.

However, the new Chedraui Select grocery store is now open! You can find this new grocery store at the corner of 10 Avenue and 34th Street. Chedraui is a Mexican brand grocery store. There are already several Chedraui stores in Playa Del Carmen (including one close to Playacar), but this is the first “Select” of the brand. The Chedraui Select is the upmarket version. There are marble tile floors, wider wine selection, prepared foods and more gourmet snacks and food options.  Check out this article about the new store and some of its features.

While you can buy beer, wine and liquor at the grocery and convenience (OXXO) stores, for the most part they have a limited selection. So check out this article about various places to buy beer and wine to stock up for your stay! Speaking of liquor, a Tequila tasting is one of the non-touristy things you can do in Playa Del Carmen. Check out this article about the Tequila Academy! You can attend a public tequila tasting there or hire the Tequila Academy for a private testing at Musa Sirena.

When should you go shopping?

The best times are early in the day and mid day when it is sunny. The reason for this is, when it is sunny and nice, people are at the beach. In the late afternoon everyone starts coming to buy stuff for dinner or for the evenings events. Also when it is the 1st and 15th of the month, everyone in Mexico gets paid then. The grocery stores are usually much more crowded then (as are the ATMs). If you go later at night it can still be busy and often the supply of produce and meats are low by the end of the day. Try to avoid shopping around these times.

Don’t want to go shopping? Want a delivery service?

There’s a great service in Playa that will do your shopping and deliver to Musa Sirena. You can order online, they shop and can deliver the same day. Lots of positive feedback from people who have used it, they can shop for groceries, liquor, pet supplies, organic foods/produce, children products and more. Read about shopping at loQsea here, or go directly to their site. You can even order from restaurants here as well. You can basically order anything, that’s the meaning of loQsea! And they will look for anything you request from many stores.

And don’t forget, that we have lined up several chefs that are available to come fix meals in the home. Just ask our local Property Manager what you’re thinking about, and she’ll share the catering options with you.

Buen provecho!

Source: Many thanks to Everything Playa del Carmen for some of the tips/content provided on this page.