Welcome Ceremony Preview

Recently, a few of Musa Sirena’s health and wellness practitioners got together to meet one another, and do a condensed version of our “Welcome Ceremony” which is a teaser of a few of our services being offered which we plan on expanding as a package. Three different practitioners created a sequence for myself and the other practitioners that first included cleansing our auras with the smoke of Copal to cleanse toxic emotions and environmental toxins to begin the process of self-healing and self-love. The Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork and Sound Healing sessions then followed.

A Cacao Ceremony is a time of relaxation and self-reflection to provide an inner-silence allowing one to purvey the mind in peace and come to peace with the self.  People usually sit in a circle and set intentions, pray, sing together with heartfelt music or sound healing and drink the ceremonial cacao that’s been prepared for the event. It is a fun and uplifting experience in a safe and open community.

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