Culturally Immerse Yourself in A Rewarding Vacation Stay at Musa Sirena

6 Reasons to Select Musa Sirena Over an Airbnb
10 Reasons to do so Over an All-Inclusive Resort

Google recently ranked the state of Quintana Roo, which encompasses Cancun, Tulum, and Playa del Carmen, as the number one vacation destination this coming Winter. Things are going to get booked up rapidly, so if you’re looking forward to going to Mexico from November through April, time to book your stay now!  But before you do, consider the following about booking Airbnb type listings or all-inclusive stays at hotels vs. booking direct at a vacation home rental like Musa Sirena:

  1. Lower Fees – Online agents like Airbnb charge substantial fees to use their sites and that cost is passed off to the guest. Your rates don’t show the hefty booking fees that third-party sites tact-on. These outrageous fees can reach as high as 20% of your total reservation cost. Most of the time, these fees are hidden by being built into the reservation price.
  2. Exclusive Discounts – Depending on the time of year and the situation, we often provide special offers and discounts that cannot be found on the Airbnbs. Booking direct with us provides the best pricing with exclusive deals, accurate, up-to-date pricing, and last-minute savings.
  3. Easy Communication & Customization – We can customize or change reservations based on dates or budgets to fit our guests’ needs. We stay in touch and you can email or call us at anytime. If you’re using an Airbnb and want to make any changes, you’ll often have to cancel a reservation and start all over again.
  4. Local Knowledge – We know the property and the area better than anyone and can help our guests with what local attractions or activities you want to experience. By booking direct, you have a local expert via our concierge services to call for advice and recommendations. We know all the best spots in town for dining, family-friendly activities, excursions, the ruins, the cenotes and shops. Live like a local on your vacation by booking   with a local!
  5. A Better Experience – Guests with special requests or needs can work directly with us to curate a much more personalized vacation. We also offer discounted rates to a variety of health & wellness providers (yoga, massage, etc.).
  6. Special Touches – We offer complimentary airport pick-up. And upon your arrival you can choose either a complimentary happy hour/appetizer tray and Sangria, or a full breakfast the next morning. We want your vacation to get off to a good start!

With the destination being so attractive to visit, you’ll likely be inundated with “all-inclusive” resort/hotel considerations.  With so many hotels, resorts, and all-inclusive options to choose from in Playa del Carmen, where everything needed is on one property, why would one choose to rent a vacation home instead? Here we offer you 10 reasons/benefits on why you should consider staying at our vacation home rental, Musa Sirena.

    1. Large Group Value –Vacation rental homes like Musa Sirena offer immense value for the money for families and/or groups of friends. We accommodate a large group for much less than a hotel/resort. In fact, some hotel rooms for two are the price of, or more than our nightly rate (and we can sleep up to eight adults/kids!). On a per person basis, three couples could stay in our beautiful home with its various accommodations for just $375 per night, or $125 per night per couple or $62.50 per person.
    2. Features Galore – What does a hotel room or resort offer?A room with two beds and an attached bathroom. If you are lucky, you will also get a dorm-room fridge and a tiny coffee maker. The average room size is 325 square feet. What does Musa Sirena offer? It is a relatively large house/villa with three stories. For a similar price to a single hotel room, you’ll get 3½ bedrooms, 4½ bathrooms, extra sleeping with a king-size Murphy bed, a living room, a dining room, and a full-size kitchen. And, it has its own yoga/meditation studio.
    3. Spaces Galore – With multiple bedrooms and living space, guests, children, and generations can share common living and dining areas but retreat to their own turf for sleeping and downtime. Consider, too, the benefits of shared space when traveling with friends or extended family. Would you rather spend time as a group relaxing in a living room, dining area, or outdoor patio having a few cocktails and nibbles? Or crowd into someone’s hotel room and play a board game or cards on someone’s bed?
    4. Fully Equipped Kitchen – With our full-size kitchen you can prepare as many meals as you want at far below restaurant and hotel room service costs. That’s especially important at breakfast, where restaurant prices tend to be much higher than food costs. And you can provide those many snacks a family consumes by purchasing them at the supermarket rather than paying restaurant prices. And our kitchen is stocked with all the dishes, silverware, pots and pans, condiments and more that our guests will need to prepare and serve meals.
    5. Concierge Services – You might think that hotels tend to provide a higher caliber of service: with room service, a Concierge, and front desk help only a phone call away. Musa Sirena has numerous restaurants and private chefs ready to deliver healthy, yummy options for any meal, including breakfast! We have local chefs who will deliver a fresh, healthy and delicious breakfast for an attractive price (you should try this at least once!). Our local property manager provides concierge services and can help with your airport transportation, schedule excursions and day trips, recommend restaurants and more.
    6. Complimentary Services – We offer several things on a complimentary basis including airport pick-up to the home, and either a complimentary happy hour/appetizer tray upon arrival, or a breakfast the next morning.
    7. Special Services – Unlike hotels/resorts, most vacation home rentals are unlikely to offer access to luxury treats like spa treatments and on-site golf courses, pool/beach access, sporting opportunities, and more. But with Musa Sirena, we have a dedicated yoga/meditation room, and we have arrangements with vetted health/wellness practitioners for services such as massages, breathwork, facials, and a variety of alternative health treatments, and they come to the home to provide the service! Right outside our door is the Championship Hard Rock Golf Course. We have an on-premise swimming pool, and the Playacar beach is just a 5-minute walk from the house. And of course, you can arrange snorkeling and trips to a cenote, sightseeing trips to the ruins, and lots more.
    8. Extras of Note – Okay, so a hotel/resort has a TV and Wi-Fi. Not to worry, we have four flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. (So, no fighting over what to watch.) Plus, we have a washer and dryer, reserved parking (if you rent a car), and we are pet-friendly! No need to board your pooch, bring your furry friend along with you. Having a washer and dryer means you do not have to carry dirty clothes back home with you. And you can pack less extra clothing for all travelers for a longer stay. In addition, you will find beach towels, pool toys, complimentary toiletries, and other special amenities in the home.
    9. Security & Tranquility – Musa Sirena as a private home vacation rental offers more peaceful settings. Villas Santa Fe is occupied by a combination of full-time residents and vacationers (travelers, not necessarily tourists). As a gated community, 24/7 security maintains the tranquil ambience of the property. If you are not a fan of thumping techno music, you’ll appreciate the poolside serenity and quiet garden settings. You won’t find your typical pool bars with free-flowing tequila and slurring guests at 3:00pm in the afternoon or 3:00am at night. Musa Sirena provides the ultimate atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.
    10. Culture Immersion – Another benefit of Musa Sirena is it will help you immerse yourself in the local culture more. Hotels/resorts are simply the place where you can crash after coming back from your outings in Playa del Carmen, a day at the beach or a night out. On the contrary, Musa Sirena adds to your experience so that you do not only enjoy a comfortable stay but also live like a local. We source local products to help the local economy from toiletries to laundry soap, from honey and a variety of spices. Musa Sirena is loaded with whimsical charm (we have a painted mermaid mural!) and personality  Staying here will provide you the opportunity to enjoy a more authentic experience instead of being sequestered behind the doors of a hotel. Our property manager can often recommend food and fun off the beaten path if you don’t want to fill up your trip with exclusively tourist attractions.

    If you are someone who thrives on routine, you will appreciate the resorts that offer the same food day in and day out in buffet restaurants or at a la carte eateries. While being able to book your tours and purchase hand crafts right at your hotel is convenient, you will save a bundle and find more selection to choose from off the resort. There are no set schedules for mealtimes and no dress codes at Musa Sirena. You don’t have to change and rush out in the morning to make it to the breakfast buffet; pajamas and bedhead are perfectly fine when you are staying in your own comfy vacation home!

    We have created our home to be an enjoyable and relaxing place to stay. Today, more and more travelers are coming to understand that by venturing away from hotels and contained all-inclusive resorts, they are much more likely to experience richer and more memorable vacations, especially in a home like Musa Sirena.

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