My Manifesto

It’s Springtime, going into summer, so I’m happy to be exhibiting my products outside once again at festivals, fairs, community markets and more. I have one coming up this weekend, and I developed the following one-sheet “letter” to hand-out to those who visit my booth/display. It dawned on me that it would make a good blog post, sort of a re-introduction to who I am, what I do and why. Thanks for reading!

Hello! I’m Kathleen Foland, owner/founder of The Midwest Mermaid Muse.  I make small batch, all-natural products, primarily seasonings and teas, created here locally in Kansas City and available at

After over 40 years of nurturing clients as a cosmetologist, esthetician and as a certified health coach, I have witnessed the effects of nutrition, stress, and toxins, all which play a part in the aging process which generally appears in the skin and body in various ways. 

By studying various diets, it became clear to me that we all have a lot to learn about the need for an individualized biome approach. Each person has different reactions from their exposure to foods, atmosphere, toxins, stress, etc.

That is what has inspired me to promote plant-based ancient and modern resources, for topical and culinary use. Seaweed and healing mushrooms are two main plant-based resources that contribute to overall wellness for people and our earth, and both are ingredients I use for my products.

And now I’ve added saffron to my arsenal, managing its expense as an ingredient by growing it in my home garden. I’m now dedicated to growing and showing others how to grow saffron in Missouri, and hopefully the Midwest so I’m organizing a group of other home gardeners/small farmers that are interested in growing saffron at home called the Midwest Saffron Alliance. 

Musa Sirena Logo

And finally, as part of my focus on health and wellness, a little over a year ago, my husband and I purchased and renovated a beautiful vacation home rental in Playacar, in Playa del Carmen Mexico. This charming home villa called Musa Sirena ( sleeps 8 and is structured for families or groups of friends.  

The home is in a quiet, serene setting, a 5-minute walk to the beach, and full of features and amenities.  We have arranged for discounted rates with a variety of wellness practitioners, from yoga to breathwork, from massage therapy to healthy cooking classes. You can destress and rejuvenate while having fun in a tropical paradise.

These three focus areas are my passion and my manifesto – to provide healthy resources to those interested in adding a little more flavor, nutrition, relaxation and fun to your life. Visit my websites mentioned above for more insight and information on how to do so!

In wellness, beauty and gratitude,
Kathleen Foland 

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