21 Things to Do When It Rains

So, you wake up ready to head for the beach, and suddenly you realize it’s raining outside and likely to rain all day. What to do?  Here’s a good article “13 Things to Do in Playa Del Carmen When it Rains” to reference if you wake up to rain one day.  A lot of them involve taco tours and tequila, so if that’s not your vibe, here are a few other things to consider for a total of “21 Things” to do when it rains:

  1. The article mentions having a SPA day.  You can do that right at Musa Sirena. Ask our Concierge about arranging a massage, facial, scheduling a yoga session, etc. They will come to the house and your treatment will be done in the privacy of our yoga/massage studio on the third floor.
  2. There’s also a disc player in the third floor yoga/massage room to use for doing Qi Gong routines.
  1. Play a board game or two – we have several, for kids and adults alike.
  2. Take a nap with a good book, vacations are also for rest and relaxation, and rainy days allow you to do so.
  3. Go to the cinema. Movies are a lot cheaper here than they are in most other countries, plus many of the films are shown in English. All you have to look out for is the words ‘SUB’ if you see that on the screening time then that means the movie is in its native language and subtitled in Spanish. There are several big movie theaters here in Playa del Carmen just outside of the downtown area. Your best bet is to check the times and decide which one to go to and then take a taxi. The most popular cinemas are at Las Americas Shopping Mall and Centro Maya.
  4. Take an art or crafts class. Especially fun to do with your spouse or a group of friends. Contact our Concierge or Property Manager to help you arrange a session.
  1. The Frida Khalo museum just off 5th Avenue is well worth a visit, especially if it is raining. A guided tour is included in the price and you can ask for an English guide if your Spanish isn’t great. The guide will take you through a chronological journey of Kahlo’s life from birth right up until her death. Even if you aren’t a Frida fan it’s worth a visit to understand a bit more about why she is such an icon, not just in Mexico, but across the world.
  2. If you enjoy cooking then why not polish off your kitchen skills, by taking a cooking class in The Riviera Mayas premier cooking school? The school is located in Mayakoba Resort, El Pueblito. The classes are small so you get plenty of attention in the state of the art kitchen. Or, Co. Cos Cooking Class offers a wonderful individual or group experience to learn some new culinary techniques.  Lessons tend to last all afternoon into the evening. They are a fun and enjoyable way to socialize and to cook and eat great food. https://www.cookinplaya.com/

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