Musa Sirena Features Original Art

One thing you may note when you stay at Musa Sirena, is that there’s some original art in the house, either hanging on the wall, or painted on the wall. In Mexico, there are a variety of art classes, or “Paint and Sip” sessions you can schedule for fun and relaxation. Doing art of any style (painting, pottery, etc.) is very therapeutic!

When Jim and I were in Mexico recently, we did just that and the instructor from “Arte Bacchanal” sent these pictures from our session. We had so much fun and really enjoyed doing these two pictures to add to some others we did currently hung in Musa Sirena’s dining room for instance. And of course, we recently had a mural painted of a mermaid completed in a nook area (with a built-in desk) of the living room.

Here are some pictures Jim and I did several months ago, you’ll find some of these hung around the house:

And here’s a peak of our mascot, Musa Sirena herself, and of some fish we had the muralist paint going up the steps. The pictures below show the progression of getting the mural painted.

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