Bracelet #1


We paired 8mm Turquoise semi-precious stones with Red Turquoise beads accented with antique alloy silver spacers.  In the middle is the Musa Sirena herself, striking a beautiful pose on an antique nickel charm (approximately ¾” round) highlighted with soft enamel colors.

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Musa Sirena beads are charka stones. With its blue and blue-green hues, the turquoise stone reflects the ocean or a deep flowing river. This energy opens your throat chakra, otherwise known as the fifth chakra. The blue turquoise calls upon the powerful yet infinitely gentle energy of the ocean and the most expansive skies. It symbolizes wisdom, prosperity, tranquility, and protection.  The red turquoise stone is a rare type of turquoise mined Nevada. The red color of the stone signifies the bright and colorful nature of life. It may add beauty and colors to a dull life. The stone might help you to develop a genuine and a loving personality. The red color is closely related to love and people with red turquoise start receiving love from different aspects of life.